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06 July 2016Paying tribute to a good friend.

As we come to the end of another busy session, Sgioba Luaidh Inbhirchluaidh wish to pay tribute to our dear old friend, Donald Macleod of Harris and Portnalong (Skye), who died on 28 May 2016. We valued his gentle and patient guidance, and his never-failing help with our Gaelic, always at the end of the phone ready to help when we had a "linguistic emergency"! Being a staunch upholder of tradition (and a man!), he would never waulk with us at the table, but supported us in many of our performances, and was a welcome presence at our practices and parties. Having reached the age of 92, Donald could look back to a different era. (He remembered as a little boy sitting under the table while his mother waulked with the other women.) We benefitted greatly from the insights he gave us into a vanished time, which we try to re-create in our performances. We owe him a great debt. 'Gad ionndrainn, a Dhòmhnaill chòir. Fois shìorraidh dhuit.

04 July 2016400!

Sgioba Luaidh reached an important milestone recently: since our foundation we have notched up four hundred performances. We thought this worthy of celebration, so we gathered at Inverkip Hotel where we enjoyed a sumptuous lunch, and a good blether. There were certainly a few reminiscences about some of the adventures we have had over the years! Click here for some pics.

We are winding down now for the summer, with our practice sessions suspended till September, but we will still be ticking over. July is quiet, until our visit to Auchindrain on the 30th. Then in August we have a night at St Mun’s, Dunoon, on the 5th, followed by our usual trip to Mull and Ulva, and then back to Auchindrain. On the first weekend of September we’ll be taking part in the huge Scotcon event at the Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston. This is quite exciting, as it promises to be spectacular, with re-enactment groups and all sorts of things happening. (Click here to see the stellar lineup!)

Then it’s back to business as usual!

30 June 2016Summer Report.

During the past few weeks we have enjoyed several trips across the water to Lovely Argyll. We had a fun evening in Strone Church Hall, and a rolicking session in the interesting Holy Trinity Church in Dunoon. (Wonderful eats at both venues!) See some pics here.

We also crossed the river on our way to Auchindrain on various occasions. Our first visit of the year, at the end of April, didn't go according to plan. It was a chilly morning with bright sunshine, and plenty of snow on the Argyll hills. We were looking forward to warming up at the peat fire. However there had been some crossed wires, and the work party living temporarily in Martin’s House had not followed instructions to have the place tidied and ready for us, and even worse, the fire wasn’t lit! We moved back to the Visitor Centre and sang a few songs there, left early and spent some time in Inveraray. A shinty match up at the Castle was a bonus for some of us. Click here for our pics of the day.

Our May visit went without a hitch, and in June we had an extra “Command Performance” for a special Open Day at the Township. We were blessed with lovely sunny weather, so Auchindrain was looking its best. As well as making it into the Dunoon Standard, we were filmed for Italian television. Unfortunately our Italian speaker couldn’t be there on the day, and has been grumbling ever since! (Porca miseria …) However, we hope our Italian information leaflets impressed them!

But on our subsequent visit the following week, behold, we were filmed again, this time by a gentleman making a historical film about Argyll.

The new tablet guides to the Township look very impressive, and we hope to have a chance to try them out some day when we are not too busy. (When?)

We will be at Auchindrain on the last Saturday of the month from now till the end of October.

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