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Frances sent me this link on FB...
Thank you for sending me the Waulking song link. I live in the USA and hope to get over to my hame one day. We have a twinned city here to Stornoway called Pendleton that is in the state of Soit Carolina, where I stay. Cheers!
Posted by Henrietta Blair on 21 February 2017
Auchindrain experience
The Auchindrain township was fascinating and evocative but it was brought to life by you ladies. Hearing about spinning, weaving, the tweed and then the waulking was so interesting. The pièce de résistance was the singing and the demonstration. Being able to join in was just magical. Truly memorable. Thank you. Maybe get you down to Essex yet! You made our holiday!
Posted by Graeme Bruce on 28 May 2016
Auchindrain today
Most enjoyable half hour spent chatting with you all and listening to your sngs. Informative and fun. The Dumbarton 2
Posted by Brian on 27 June 2015
Glad you enjoyed your visit. It was a pleasure to meet you, and we hope you will come back to Auchindrain and lend a hand on 26 July when we'll be waulking a new tweed.
Posted by Frances on 27 June 2015
Strathlachlan Community Festival & Clan Lachlan Gathering
Thank you Frances and all the ladies for coming to Castle Lachlan to sing at our wee festival. You all were great and you stayed all day - much to the delight of everyone!
Posted by Marty Makin (nee Maclachlan) on 07 July 2014
We had a brilliant day, Marty. Thanks for looking after us so well. We all agree that MacLachlans are lovely people!
Posted by Frances on 07 July 2014
request for demonstration
Have tried twice to send message and both times have been told it has failed because I got the number wrong - but I didn't! Can someone get in touch please?
Posted by aimee chalmers on 06 February 2014
Hi Aimee,
Sorry you weren't able to get in touch - thanks for persevering! Try again with email fmdunlop@waulk.org which appears to be working ok. Hope to hear from you.
Posted by Frances on 06 February 2014
Presentation to Nerston SWRI
Posted on 09 November 2013
Govan Old Parish Church
Posted on 02 February 2013
Waulking on te Isle of Lismore
Posted on 26 July 2012
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Love the website
Posted on 09 August 2011
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Posted on 15 May 2011
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Love the website!
Posted on 20 November 2009
new website
Posted on 17 September 2009
new website
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