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07 July 2015
Auchindrain and Lismore

On the last Saturday in June we had another busy day at Auchindrain. At one point we were in full waulk when we noticed that a lovely gentleman sitting on the bench watching us was squirming in a peculiar manner. We thought he maybe had a skelf in his tòn, but no, he had caught his trousers on a wee nail head sticking up. His wife tried to help, but the only way he could free himself was by removing his trousers! Sgioba Luaidh had an attack of the vapours! Nail has now been hammered down, so future audience members should be safe! (And Sgioba Luaidh’s blushes spared!) Click here for some pics. (No, we didn't take one of our friend removing his trousers!)

“An t-eilean beag uain’ an caidreamh a’ chuain …” Into July, and we were off to Oban to catch the Lismore ferry. We had previously made two short visits to waulk on the lovely wee island, but now we were away for a weekend. On the Saturday we led a workshop with ten "students" eager to learn the intricacies of waulking. They were soon all singing away heartily, with a few laughs thrown in.

Later in the afternoon we put on a show for a small but discerning audience. We performed our basic programme, telling the story of tweed from the sheep to the finished garment. ("From Ewe to You".) In the second half we presented part of our "Feuds, Fights and Fairies" series, with some bloodthirsty stories from Hebridean history, finishing off with "Trod nan Cailleach", the poetic contest between the Uist woman and the Barra woman.

We enjoyed our sojourn on Lismore, and were lucky in having pleasant weather for some nice walks to enjoy the peace and quiet and breathe the lovely clean air. Sgioba Luaidh feel very blessed to be able to travel to such beautiful and interesting places. Click here to see some pics of our trip to Lismore.

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