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26 March 2015
Old folks, young folks, and a near-disaster!

February 2015 was a quieter month for Sgioba Luaidh. After our adventure in the Beacon, we had only one more engagement, at Balclutha Care Home in Greenock. The residents seemed to enjoy our show, with two volunteers joining us at the table. We had a nice chat in Gaelic with Jessie from Uist, who said we made her feel nostalgic. However, you can’t please everyone. One of the staff asked an elderly gentleman, “Did you enjoy that?” “Not particularly!”

In March, things have been a bit busier. We were delighted to be invited back to Blairdardie Primary School, to work with two P4 classes who didn’t get the chance to see us on our last visit. We had a lovely afternoon with the children, who presented each of us with a lovely bouquet, and a bottle of wine. Click here for pic.

We then had two Guild events, firstly St Andrew’s and Trinity in Johnstone. There was a sizeable audience, as it was their guest night. We had a fun evening, when we finally arrived, having got a bit wandered! (As some of us did on the road home too!) But the lovely supper made up for the stress suffered! Click here for some pics of Innes holding forth to a spellbound audience.

Our second Guild was King’s Park, where we suffered more stress as there was a match at Hampden and we got a bit snarled up in the traffic as we passed the stadium. (Our Catherine actually deserted Sgioba Luaidh to go to the game! There, now she has been publicly shamed!) (Just kidding, Catherine!) Frances is hereby publicly shamed too, as she forgot to bring Seumas the Sheep! Could you believe it? How could we possibly perform without Seumas? Innes to the rescue. Ever resourceful, she confected a wee sheep out of her crois iarainn and a wee bit of fleece! Click here for a pic of Seumasina, with poor, forlorn Seumas. It turned out a brilliant night, with another great audience, another lovely supper – and Scotland beat Northern Ireland at Hampden!

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